RIM ROCK - Bulgaria is a Limited Company, managed and represented by Mrs. Magdalena Gotzeva.

The main office is situated in Sofia, 37 Boycho Boychev Str.

The Company possesses a production plant near The City of Dupnitza certified for production of artificial rocks and stones. The artificial rocks are exact copy of the naturals at cement basis with many improvements.

We import all the materials from Italy attended with the necessary certificates. The paints we use are absolutely harmless and also have all certificates.

We work with the clients individually. We make a digital model or a miniature model for the project.

The assembly and the coloring are made by professionals with big experience.

Every client receives a project free of charge, five years period of guarantee, copies of all of the certificates of the products used in the project.

About us

About us


We are very proud of our work in Zoo Park in Sofia. We are a part of the big family of the adopters. We adopted the suricats family which enjoying us with two new generations already.

We bought also a couple of squirrels which have a little one already. We are proud of many finished projects and we thank the clients who trusted us.



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